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For most website owners who don’t accept cards on their sites, web hosting with shared SSL is a great recent development. Shared SSL bypasses the need for purchasing an SSL certificate. What’s more, is that The Shared SSL pages will look the same except the server name changes to add the name of the secure server and the “http” goes and becomes “https“. Read on to find hosts offering this, plus more information:

Namecheap.com Hosting with Shared SSL

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypts information being passed through your website. It keeps your visitor’s private information, like their payment details, safe and secure. SSL certificates vary in security level and price, ranging anywhere from $19.99 to $269.99 per year.

But you don’t always have to pay for your SSL certificate. Because they’re so important, most hosting providers nowadays throw them into their plans free of charge! But with so many offering the bonus of free SSL security, how are you meant to choose?

All Namecheap Shared Hosting plans come with 50 free PositiveSSL certificates for one year, and these are automatically set up for you. (Please note: There may be a charge after the first 12 months.]

The PositiveSSL certificates Namecheap provide is a major bonus when you first sign up for a Namecheap Shared Hosting Shared SSL account. Shared SSL URLs might be secure, but they are very ugly. Namecheap gives you the much nicer, more professional looking standard domain URLs for 12 months free of charge. So, as long as during the first year you monetize your website, finding the money for renewing those SSL certificates won’t be a problem!

Choosing the best website hosting is hard. As we’ve hinted at, we believe EZi-Gold Hosting works best for most websites, but there are other options.

Dreamhost offers excellent privacy and features, Namecheap is cheaper than most and WebHostingBuzz allows even the thinnest wallets to purchase dedicated hosting. Namecheap.com provides SSL certificates and web hosting.

How To Choose Web Hosting With Shared SSL

What is the meaning of Shared SSL which some web hosting services provide? The Shared SSL bypasses the need for purchasing an SSL certificate. The Shared Certificate does not use your domain name. The server hostname and cPanel username work together for a secure connection to happen. The Shared SSL looks identical to the Temporary URL, except for the server name and username. In other words, the Shared SSL web pages will look the same except the server name changes to that of the secure server, and the http changes to https. It’s as simple as that!

We include an example here:

Image which explains the look of urls using web hosting with shared SSL.

Aside from selecting a web hosting company based on the above, you should also make sure the web hosting company you choose automates your payments as well. If a company does not offer this, then that company is not worth using.

In terms of popularity Apache (which runs on Linux) is the most popular web server. It is ahead of windows in popularity and other varieties of server operating software such as Nginx. This means when you choose Linux web hosting you are in good company with around 64% of the world’s web sites!

If you’re considering WordPress as a CMS for your business website, look no further than Bluehost to host it on their servers. You can also choose Bluehost to host a website that requires Linux as an operating system. The web hosting company was started in the year 2003 and currently hosting over 2 million websites on their servers. The web hosting company is known for its fast web hosting solution that is powered with their own turbo server technology.

Essential Features of Web Hosting

Siteground is one of the few companies that strives for providing reliable hosting service with innovative features. One such feature is the super cacher, which is a built-in caching tool that can make websites load faster.

Image states the prupose of this article to provide info on the Best Web Hosting and web hosting with shared SSL.

The shared web hosting is the most popularly used hosting by most of the people. So that the several features and prices of shared hosting offered by them is given below:. Shared hosting  email hosting, basic hosting, pro hosting and premium hosting.

Hostpapa web hosting email requires controls to help protect the integrity and performance of the shared web hosting and email servers. Essentially, these are shared computers in a community, and in order to protect the “neighborhood”, certain rules exist in order to ensure that email servers perform optimally. Enhanced features required by our users are often not included in web hosting email but are available in the advanced email. For example, web hosting email sets a default limit of 50 outbound emails per hour for all email addresses associated with that web hosting account.

A Guide to Setting Up Let’s Encrypt SSL on Shared Hosting

Until recently, SSL certificates were quite costly. Let’s encrypt changed that by offering free certificates. There are lots of online tutorials showing how to install let’s encrypt certificates, but they tend to require quite a bit of technical expertise (knowledge of how to operate a Linux web server and manage root access) and rarely guide you on how to install it through a common shared hosting control panel.

Now you can do it at https://www.sslforfree.com .

Installing Let’s Encrypt SSL Using SSL For Free

Free hosting providers article featured image.Auto let’s encrypt SSL installation. A2 hosting features optimized software. Excellent server performance for authority websites.

In this article, we discuss installing a let’s encrypt SSL certificate on your shared web hosting server using the services from SSL for free. SSL for free allows you to install a let’s encrypt SSL certificate without having to have root access and a VPS, but just a regular shared web hosting server.

The standard strategy features one website, totally free domain, 50 GB SSD storage, and endless bandwidth. For a monthly charge of $1. 67, you can get an e-mail and a Dreamhost builder, plus WordPress hosting. Security is free, even if the installation is a repetitive task every 3 months, shared SSL work is available as it includes a robust Let’s Encrypt SSL.

Verify your Domain and/or Subdomain by SSL For Free

There are three ways to verify your domain by SSL for free (you can choose any one of them). The first is via automatic FTP verification. Here, you’ll be asked for data about your web hosting FTP account.

Many online hosting services with shared SSL also offer Let’s Encrypt SSL free to all customers. These SSLs are Private SSLs. Many don’t limit the number of SSL certificate you can issue, which means you can enable SSL on all domains and subdomains you host in our server.

Getting an SSL Certificate from SSL For Free

Step 1: head over to the SSL for free website. Step 2: in the enter your website to secure input box, type your website domain address (for example yourdomain.com). Step 3: SSL for free will provide SSL certificates for your domain.

At some web server companies, they utilize SNI technology that allows you to add both your custom SSL certificates, services hosting plans, and free SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt integration. You can enable https on your site with a click of a button from your Mykinsta dashboard.

For making a website secure, installing SSL is mandatory according to the Google SEO algorithm, which ensures your website has the necessary certificates and all information is protected. Is a free SSL certificate really worth it and secure? Companies like Let’s Encrypt and Auto Encrypt are providing free SSL for the clients which allows the https prefix in the address bar and a green or grey padlock. This can be renewed from the hosting company in every 60 to 90 days period. Free SSL certificates are genuine and can be easily integrated into the website. A paid SSL provides a higher level of protection and warranty, which are generally used for e-commerce and financial/payment gateway for end-to-end encryption and secure data and transaction details.

Installing SSL certificates in your cPanel web hosting server

Shared SSL Web Hosting featured image.SSL for Free provides links to various guides for installing SSL certificates, but I just install my SSL certificates myself on my Shared Cpanel Web Hosting server.

Fastcomet servers are powered by the industry-leading web hosting platform Cpanel. As such, Fastcomet and all modern web hosts support SNI technology that allows installing multiple SSL certificates on a shared IP address without the need of having a dedicated IP address.

Checking your SSL certificate

You should get an SSL check done with a report provided to show that your SSL certificate is working. There are a number of online services which will do that for you, and usually for free!

Note: Once your SSL certificate has been successfully installed, and in order for https to run perfectly, you will need to change your default site address from  http://yourdomain to https://yourdomain.

Web Hosting With Free SSL Shared Certificates – Top Picks

It may sound too good to be true, but A2 Hosting offers you free SSL Certificates for your domain. When you choose A2 Hosting web hosting, your free SSL certificate is added to your domain automatically. Best of all, o their free SSLs are just as secure as paid SSL alternatives.

A2 Hosting offer a free Shared SSL Certificate on their Web Hosting.Many people look for free SSL Certificate. If you’re looking for free SSL Hosting A2 Hosting offer a free Shared SSL Certificate on their Web Hosting plans. Their Shared SSL certificates provide you with a way to encrypt a connection that is not seen by the public. Best of all, you don’t worry about the SSL Certificate cost.

Their Shared SSL Certificates will list a domain owned by A2 Hosting in place of a domain that you own. The URL format when using one of these SSLs will look similar to “yourusername.wwwsr1.supercp.com.”

If you want to keep your domain names unchanged but still get free SSL you can do this for free (which requires you to add and verify a new certificate every 3 months, or pay a fee and avoid most of the work for the free SSL. Let’s Encrypt’s free SSL certificates need renewing every 3 months because they only last for 3 months. “Identrust” is a cross-signer for Let’s Encrypt. It currently occupies the top spot. This shows you how quickly Let’s Encrypt is spreading. Since a lot of web hosting providers are participating in the project, their free SSL certificates are likely powered by Let’s Encrypt as well.

A dedicated SSL certificate is essential for any credible website, giving you that all-important padlock next to your site’s URL. Without it, users will be warned that your site is ‘not secure’, which isn’t exactly the best look! on top of that, if you want to take credit card payments, an SSL certificate really is critical for keeping customer data safe.

The best web hosting providers nowadays usually offer free Let’s Encrypt SSL bundled with their all hosting plans. So you can activate https:// on your website in a click by using the free self-signed SSL certificate which acts an as premium SSL on your website and you will then semi-automatically proudly display a seal lock badge on your web-page indicting your visitors that their information is safe.

Cloudways: If you are looking for free SSL certificates on managed VPS hosting or cloud server, then there is no better platform than Cloudways (they say). Cloudways is #1 top-rated and most used managed cloud hosting platform that lets you host your website or blog on your preferred cloud provider like Digitalocean, Vultr, Linode, etc.

The hosting offered by them is shared hosting, plus VPS hosting and business hosting.

The practical and trustworthy cheap web hosting provider features a 24/7 consumers care service, rich-bonuses, and friendly atmosphere practices. All strategies come incorporated with totally free wildcard SSL, 1-year free domain, unrestricted information transfer, unrestricted SSD storage, Cpanel access, hosting vps hosting, and a Powercacher.

Bigrock prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for all your website needs. We offer a comprehensive spectrum of services ranging from SSL certificates, Linux web hosting, VPS servers, DIY website builders and email hosting.


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